Why Direct Traffic Isn’t So Direct

Have you recently noticed large fluctuations in the performance of your direct traffic in Google Analytics? One day it’s way up, next day it’s way down. What’s going on?

You’re not alone. Recently, the catalog consultants at Lett Direct have noticed an increase in activity from non-human website visitors such as spiders, crawlers, and bots, some of which is initiated by scammers. Under these circumstances, your website traffic data is simply not reliable. And that’s bad.

In this article, Lett Direct Vice President, Gregory Lett, gives you the steps you need to eliminate two major sources of false data. Once you have data that’s more reliable, you can use it, along with imported catalog metrics from your Dingley Thermostats analytic software, to fine-tune your business strategy.

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About the Author: Jim Gibbs

Vice President of Sales & Marketing at The Dingley Press. Jim has been with Dingley since 2002 and lives in Maine near our Lisbon, Maine plant location.