What Has Your Printer Done for You Lately?

Woman Reading a MagazineThe Great Recession brought the harsh realities of the nation’s economic woes right to the direct mail marketing industry. As a result, catalogers cut corners, cut pages, and cut staff. They learned to run lean and find resources outside their organization.

Fortunately for all of us, times are now looking up. Catalogers are back in growth mode, but many of the lessons they learned in leaner times have stuck with them. As a result, catalogers today look to printers for resources and services far outside the usual purview of catalog printing.

So what are catalogers asking for, and how can Dingley help?

Front end: List development and audience targeting

Many new catalogers believe more is better when it comes to your mailing list, and that a broad audience with many types of people is best. But the best way to enjoy more success from your catalog marketing is to know your customers and tailor your mailings by market segment, demographics, geographic location and more. One of our white papers, “Target Your Audience & Boost Performance,” explains some ways to do this.

Production tips

Are you ready to try something new with your catalog? Catalogers can benefit from Dingley’s guidance and expertise on everything from page size to page count, from photo quality to enhanced products like “magalogs.”

It could be that your catalog could benefit from better photos. If that’s the case, see 4 Tips: Take Better Photos for Your Catalog and Website. If you’ve got bigger plans in mind and want to try something completely different, perhaps a magalog would do — a publication that combines the useful information of a magazine with the sales potential of a catalog.

Whatever you want to try, your Dingley representative can help suggest new ideas to fit your marketing strategy and budget.

Parallel technologies

Maybe your catalog is beautifully photographed, but could still make things easier for customers on the go. Only a small percentage of catalog distributers have an edition or website that is mobile-optimized. Isn’t it time your website or catalog became more tech-savvy?

Digital editions, mobile apps, interactive tech features, and integration with tracking and reporting systems are all technologies that benefit both the catalog mailer and the catalog recipient who appreciates new ways to learn about and order catalog products. Dingley has helped many of our customers go digital and can help you make the transition, too.

Waste reduction: Recycling and paper efficiency

Like most catalog businesses, you probably worry about the amount of paper your catalogs use. But the good news is that catalogs are one of the most recyclable forms of media. Learn more in our white paper, A Look at Print and Digital Waste.


Co-mailing allows your catalog to be bundled with other mail pieces — saving wear and tear on your catalog as well as postage! The Dingley Press handles all co-mailing in-house as well as keeping up with USPS promotions and the latest in mailing optimization. We have plenty of tips for more successful mailings!

Expect more from your catalog printer

Dingley’s only focus is catalog sales, which means we have expertise in all aspects of a successful catalog business — from postal promotions to website optimization — so all your processes are in one place.

And because we can handle and make changes to your processes rapidly, we can offer tighter turnaround and narrower deadlines for submission of page files and mail files. That means you can include up-to-date products, promos, and pricing in your final page files, and send to the most recent list updates for your market.

When your printer no longer operates only as a contract service provider, but as an extension of your production team, your printer completes your business.

Do you have an idea about something you’d like to try in your next catalog mailing? Contact your Dingley Press representative to explore your options, and how we can use new technology and postal promotions to make your catalogs work harder (and smarter) for you.

About the Author: Jim Gibbs

Vice President of Sales & Marketing at The Dingley Press. Jim has been with Dingley since 2002 and lives in Maine near our Lisbon, Maine plant location.