Is Your Catalog Still Working?

Does your catalog still drive online/offline sales? Does it help find prospects? Will it continue to be the best marketing resource in 2015?

Driving Sales is probably the most important goal for many catalogers. When sales increase, profits tend to follow. Now that the economy is more stable than previous years we are seeing an increasing demand for catalog production. Even with postal rates increasing we believe catalogs are still the most powerful tool in your utility belt. Social media and other channels certainly have a place in your marketing programs, but the real driver is likely your catalog. The main reason for this is the ability to produce analytics that can help you target the right audience for your merchandise.

Finding new consumers to start purchasing from your brand can be challenging with all the competition in your market. Have you tried social media? Is it working? I bet most of you would answer “yes” to the first question, and “I don’t know or No” to the second one. Maybe social media is on your radar, but you haven’t quite figured out how to use it effectively … you’re not alone. And, everyday it seems like there’s another social media platform for you to consider: Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, Vine, Foursquare, MySpace, blogging, LinkedIn … the list grows each year and continues to change at a rapid pace. One thing for sure is that the catalog continues to be a stable vehicle for finding new prospects. It’s really hard to say what social media platforms are best for prospecting; however, we still encourage catalogers to experiment with the ones they are most comfortable in since it’s very risky to have all your eggs in one basket. I guess time will tell.

For 2015, catalogs will be the key driver for your brand. Catalogs have the advantage of touch and feel which resonates and touches more emotions than those of the digital variety. They also reach your demographic quickly and effectively. Consumers of all ages are affected by physical media. Online sources are great but are quickly forgotten.

We’d be interested to learn what vehicle you plan on using in 2015 to grow your business. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

About the Author: Jim Gibbs

Vice President of Sales & Marketing at The Dingley Press. Jim has been with Dingley since 2002 and lives in Maine near our Lisbon, Maine plant location.