Catalog Distribution

There is a reason for the State of Maine’s mantra being “The Way Life Should Be!”

Our location in Maine offers distribution advantages to catalogers that other printers cannot duplicate. Those advantages are reflected in our economical distribution costs and efficient routing methods. Now isn’t that the way your life should be?

Through a combination of smart negotiations, leading edge technology, and effective in-plant weekly mail pool planning, we offer catalog distribution services as efficient as those offered by printers 10 times our size. We are one of the only major printers with direct from plant, nationwide distribution to NDCs and SCFs!

  • Shorter shipping times and lower costs
  • Ensures that your catalog mail is handled once and not three times
  • We guarantee our freight costs based on a flat cwt price
  • No additional fuel surcharges or administrative fees will be added
  • We hit tight in-home windows

Additionally, as a qualified USPS full service mailer, The Dingley Press can offer customers an additional
1/10 cent per catalog discount. Fully electronic mailing services are in place so all postage statements are provided through USPS Postal One. And, all customers use Intelligent Mail Barcoding and have their own mailer ID. As a catalog only printer, all volume is dedicated to catalogs providing the SCF penetration of an industry giant without the industry giant cost.

The Dingley Press participates in FAST (Facility Access and Shipment Tracking), an electronic link to all postal facilities. FAST, along with the expertise of an independent list service company, provides us with powerful tracking and monitoring information, that tells us where your shipment is at all times.

We’re not asking you to move to Maine (although we can give you many lifestyle reasons to consider it !!)
but moving your catalog business to The Dingley Press is the next best thing.