Catalog Buyers and Super Bowl Fans

Super Bowl LI is next month, and parties are being planned right now to celebrate the big event. I have come up with 5 types of people that will always be present for these parties.

catalogs and football

The foodie, this person stands around the food and is wolfing it down like it’s their last meal on earth. There’s also the person who is there strictly for the alcohol. They are pounding drinks all night long and will likely need a ride home. Of course, let’s not forget the die-hard football fan. They will never take their eye off the television and constantly scream at the players and referees. They are loyal and outspoken. Next, is the fake sports fan, who is really there for the halftime show. They will try to comment on football antics, but usually just talk about irrelevant things such as the color of the uniforms and why this violent game is troubling for society. And finally, there’s at least one person suffering from boredom. Asking questions like when is this game over.

So what does this have to do with catalog buyers? The foodie can be equated to the catalog shopper who shows interest in your merchandise, but really isn’t serious about buying. In order to get them to make that first purchase you need to incentive them in some way. Maybe offer them something free or a discount of some type. They are a good prospect because they have a big appetite for over indulging!

The drunk is another good prospect. They lack control over their bad habits and will go on a spending spree pulling out their credit card and buying a product just because they want it. They don’t care about pricing, they just want what they want and want it now. They may never remember how to get back to your website since they are furiously surfing dozens of websites and can’t even remember what they had for their last meal. Even though their long term memory is deteriorated, you can find ways for them to remember you over your competition. Is your website just like competitors? Maybe redesign it so it more memorable and make sure it’s user-friendly. After all, these people don’t have good eye hand coordination!

The die-hard cataloger is the easiest because they are already your customer. They are committed to your brand. They will buy from you because they love everything about your company. Don’t take these people for granted. Make sure you cater to their needs and keep them engaged by letting them know the good you’re doing in the world, or by telling them about the fantastic benefits of your products. They are your best advocates and aren’t afraid to loudly voice how great you are to their friends and family.

Both the fake sports fan and the one dying of boredom are the toughest one’s to capture and may not even be worth your time pursuing. The fake sports fan isn’t really interested in your merchandise. They might like to window shop, but aren’t serious about buying. The person dying of boredom is going to be trouble. They will have a million questions that have nothing to do with your product. They really don’t make good party guests or good shoppers!

Developing personas is a great way to target prospects and customers. These personas can help you create marketing and sales strategies, develop a common language about these buyers, and increase results because you have a better understanding of your audience.

Please pass me a beer and guacamole dip!

About the Author: Jim Gibbs

Vice President of Sales & Marketing at The Dingley Press. Jim has been with Dingley since 2002 and lives in Maine near our Lisbon, Maine plant location.