Interesting Historical Facts

History of The Dingley Press1928

  • The Dingley Press was founded in Lewiston, Maine in 1928
  • Its founders were very demanding in standards of quality and service
  • The goals of perfection and integrity became its legacy and remain the hallmark of the company
  • Enduring loyalty of The Dingley Press customers followed and remains today
  • Not too long after starting in business, The Dingley Press moved to Portland, Maine and developed what was to become a long-term relationship with L.L. Bean


  • In 1942, The Dingley Press became a tenant of L.L. Bean occupying the ground floor of the L.L. Bean retail store


  • The Dingley Press moved to a new facility in Freeport, Maine in 1972
  • Their relationship with L.L. Bean flourished as the retail giant grew in size and stature


  • In 1981, L.L. Bean changed its catalog printing process to rotogravure which made The Dingley Press ineligible to renew its contract
  • In the spring of 1981, Chris Pierce purchased The Dingley Press
  • The Dingley Press eventually moved to Lisbon, Maine
  • Under the leadership of Mr. Pierce The Dingley Press grew to a $100 million company


  • The Dingley Press was acquired by the Sheridan Group in 2004


  • Chris Pierce reacquired The Dingley Press in 2013
  • The rest, as they say, is history!